Eye of the COVID-19 Storm

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has flipped the world upside down since its emergence, spreading like a wildfire the COVID-19 outbreak has changed what we as humans consider as normal. The stock markets and mankind have been challenged like never before in these times, so what does this mean for the future? When we conquer this virus, and we will, it is undetermined how long things will take to go back to normal as we formally know it. However, during this time it is crucial to be proactive in your next steps involving your investing narrative.

During this pandemic, the education system in both K-12 and college studies have been altered drastically to fit the guidelines of health professionals warning against the spread of COVID-19. The traditional daily school routine is not as we know anymore, instead most universities and schools have switched to Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM). Reaching new highs last week Zoom Video Communications is not only used for schooling, but for business meetings, extracurricular classes, and even the NFL draft. Trying to keep the world functioning as usual Zoom in projected to make a major impact while many people around the globe are quarantine.

The world will have to resume with modified circumstances moving forawrd as it is unlikely the world will come to a complete stand-still. This allows for new innovations and businesses to flourish while accompanying the new needs for the world. Here at Financial Freedom Capital Management we continually have our eye’s on new developing companies across the globe staying up to date with our fast pace society.

Our professional experts here at Financial Freedom Capital Management are working around the clock to ensure our clients best interests. The world has endured a new profile meaning change is inevitable containing our current circumstances.  Exploring and finding new businesses to continue our excellence for our clients is our number one priority.

Give us a call today to arrange a discussion with one of our advisers who will talk you through your options and point you in the best direction.


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